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BWE Summer Jam 2018: A true summer evening at 28 degrees, a light breeze and a blue sky. Better you could not celebrate an evening in the wind capital Hamburg against the backdrop of the Hamburg Fair and Congress. More than 200 guests and participants of the Hansa Green Tour not only talked about the energy turnaround, but also demonstrated it in a very plastic way. So „close“ was the new Mercedes F-Cell has not been seen. A real highlight next to the classic burger directly from the grill and beer from the bottle for dinner! All in a successful evening that ended after midnight. We thank all sponsors for the support as well as all wind friends for contributing to a great evening. We thank our musician and the DJ for the musical rocking mood. Just a real „Summer Jam“, made in Hamburg.

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Board members

Dr. Axel Röpke, Jens Heidorn und Vincent Nölting